Norrkross MorphX

Norrkross MorphX 2.9.5

Have fun morphing images


  • Makes great morphs
  • Quick


  • Some problems with antialiasing
  • Save movie limited to Quicktime

Very good

Want to have a bit of fun with your pictures? How about you play around with morphing? Norkross MorphX is a good application to play around with this effect.

The application works both with images and movies and is really easy to use. You literally just drag and drop the two elements, drag lines in each photo to relate similar areas and let the application do the hard work.

Norkross MorphX works fairly quickly and lets you save a still image of the morph or even better the full movie in Quicktime.

Overall Norkross MorphX makes really great transitions and is really fun to work with.

We did however notice some issues with antialiasing. On the whole though, Norkross MorphX is easy to use and works really well.

Norkross MorphX is easy to use and makes great morphs really quickly.

Use Norrkross MorphX for calculating images or movies where one image transforms into another. Simply drag 2 images to the document window, drag a few lines to indicate similar areas and Norrkross MorphX calculates images so that it looks like the first image magically is transformed into the other.

Norrkross MorphX


Norrkross MorphX 2.9.5

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